BTS Edward Meller Campaign

Images taken from behind the scenes at All Time Studios during the latest Edward Meller Campaign. Check out some of the finals in my Commercial folio. Photography by Charlie White

Insure your gear kids..

So I had a little mishap on a shoot tonight.. A poly board in the studio fell on to my Camera.. Which fell on my iMac, which fell on the floor. All not going so well.. LUCKILY, all insured and backed up. Thank you to all my Photographer friends who …

Ive moved.

Finally I have a home. I’ve moved to a Studio space in South Yarra with me mates from Young & Percival I have a buzzer and a coffee machine so I’m all set. I have taken a photo so you can see.. The red person represents me. Im not a illustrator ok, leave me alone Judge Judy.


A few of my favourite Behind The Scenes shots from recent shoots.